All our meat is U.S.D.A Choice.
(United States Department of Agriculture)
EXCEPT: We carry U.S.D.A. Prime and Choice New York Steaks.
We have NO SELECT Graded meat in our store!
Your local grocery stores carry SELECT Grades of meat.


USDA Prime – best grade given by USDA. Prime represents the highest degree of marbling and an elite product. Less than 3% of beef qualifies as USDA Prime, often found in high-end steakhouses touting exclusive, high-quality beef.

USDA Choice – below Prime on the scale. There are extreme variations in marbling, with some steaks looking more like Prime and others, more like Select. The fact is, USDA Choice is the “every man” grade and for the tastiest beef, look for more marbling. Choice is most commonly advertised by retailers and restaurants.

USDA Select – a lower quality grade. With a name like “select” it’s a bit confusing, but USDA Select beef tastes nothing like Choice and Prime cuts. It doesn’t have the flavor or texture of the higher grades. USDA Select beef has very little marbling, and if you remember, that’s what makes beef taste great.

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